Kids Fallsafe Screens

  • Complies with Australian Security Standards
  • Meets Building Code legislation

  • No need for a window lock restricting the opening to 12.5cm

Kids Fallsafe Screens are a great choice for bedrooms and high traffic areas where you would like to fully open your window while kids play.

The Building Code Association (BCA) set legislation that windows 2 metres above the ground floor cannot open more than 12.5cm unless the opening is protected to withhold 25 kg of pressure in three different points. Flyscreens do not comply with this code.

When installed by a licensed installer, the SecureView EclipX and Xceed Security Screens comply with the BCA code, and both screens have been independently tested to comply with the Australian Security Standards.


The Kids Fallsafe Screen is custom made in Australia and suitable for any window setting that allows for a fixed security screen. With the option of two security screen window systems, you can be confident in finding a fixed security screen to suit your home (modern or traditional), security needs and budget.

Choose the right screen product for you



Mesh infillHigh tensile, corrosion resistant, 316 marine-grade stainless steelCorrosion resistant perforated, structural grade aluminium panels
3 Point Locking SystemYesOptional
Patented Fixing SystemYesYes
Hole Aperture1.575mm2.20mm
Insect ProtectionExcellentGreat
Attractive, Sleek LookExcellentGreat
Pet door options availableYesYes


Security Grade Australian StandardYesYes
Knife Shear TestPassPass
Aluminium Frame TestsPassPass
Pull TestPassPass
Anti-Jemmy TestPassPass
Impact TestPassPass
Cyclone Screen TestPassUntested
Fire RatedPassUntested
10,000 Hour Salt Spray TestsPassUntested
Stainless Mesh TestsPassUntested
Manufacturer’s Warranty11 years7 years

Visit the SecureView and Xceed pages for more information on their technical specifications and rigorous testing.

With a wide variety of frame colour options, including wood effect, you can select a quality security screen window that matches your window opening without impacting your view.

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