However, we also desire to keep our homes well ventilated through the course of the summer. The hot weather here requires us to keep the air flowing, and open doors and windows are the desired norm in the hot weather periods. Shutting them before a trip to the shops, or to drop the kids off at school, is a daily rite of passage for many people.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Security window screens from CommandeX consist of tough-hardened stainless steel, installed to be jemmy-proof and resistant to both blunt-force impacts and blades. They operate like an insect screen, while remaining strong enough to keep your home secure from intruders – and your residents safe from themselves.

Our window security screens come in a variety of colours and configurations, and are fitted by our trained and licensed security staff. We know that your screens are only as strong as their weakest point, and we make sure that you are getting a product that makes use of its full potential.

For peace of mind and convenience at your home, security window screens can help you. Contact us today to find out more.



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