Xceed ‘7 Year’ Warranty to October 2021

CommandeX Group Australia Pty Ltd warrants the owner of the Xceed security doors and windows that they are free from defects in workmanship and material under conditions of normal residential use for a period of 7 years from the date of installation. Not included in this CommandeX warranty are accessory items fitted to the door or window or labour associated with the manufacturing of the door or screen and installation. These are cover by the CommandeX licensee. These items; such as locks, handles, hinges, door closers, labour etc. are independently covered by warranties supplied by the relevant manufacturer or supplier, and typically not CommandeX.

In order to prolong the life of the Xceed products, and to maintain your rights under this warranty, you should follow the care and maintenance advice set out overleaf.

This warranty is given in addition to any statutory warranties under the Trade Practices Act 1974, which apply to all consumer transactions. Subject to any statutory rights the owner may have which may not be modified or excluded, this warranty does not apply to any damage due to matters outside the control of CommandeX, including owner servicing, failure of the owner to follow the care and maintenance advice set out below accident, abuse, fire, alteration of the product in any way, an act of God, failure to abide by any product warnings, or any parts or labour used to replace any parts covered under this warranty.

All claims should be made in the first instance to the original CommandeX Licensee who installed the product and was listed on the original warranty registation.

CommandeX Group Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 119 753 687) is the supplier of components to the CommandeX Licensee.  The CommandeX Licensee fabricates the product and provides installation.

CommandeX Maintenance Warranty & Care Guide

Maintenance of Xceed products

It is essential for all powder-coated materials to be cleaned on a regular basis to preserve the finish over the years. Xceed and its framing should be cleaned at frequent intervals as indicated below, depending on the amount of contamination that builds up on the surface. The aim of the cleaning operation is to remove the grime that is deposited onto the surface without causing damage to the powder-coated surface.

The cleaning method depends on the degree of contamination. Hard cleaning is often the best way for small installations, but large expanses of powder-coated metals, as in multi-storey buildings and large commercial projects, call for carefully controlled methods to loosen deposits of dirt and grime.

The surfaces should be washed down with warm water in conjunction with a ‘soft’ cleaner such as dishwashing liquid (*recommended cleaner). Fibre brushes may be used to loosen dirt and grime, but abrasives such as sand paper or emery paper must not be used. Acidic or alkaline cleaners are also not recommended as they can damage the powder coating (pH ranging from 5 to 8). It is essential to finish off the cleaning by thoroughly rinsing all washed surfaces with clean water.

Where there has been greasy deposit, the surface should be washed with a white spirit using a soft cloth.

Aerosol paint graffiti can cause considerable problems due to solvents used in paint. Contact CommandeX on 1300 720 838 for advice and recommendations prior to attempting the removal of graffiti.

It is essential to note that cleansers may attack the finished surface and must not be used except in consultation with companies who specialise in cleaning powder coating metal surfaces.

Definitions of environments:

Mild – being rural, away from the coast and remote from industry and urban activity

Moderate – Being mainly urban, inland and away from heavy industrial activity.

Tropical/Severe – Being coastal/marine, subject to salt deposition and within 15km of the eastern coast or 10 km of the western coast of Australia.


Type of Environment

Maintenance Intervals (Max)

Recommended Maintenance Treatment


6 months

Warm wash with recommended cleaner*


3 months

Warm wash with recommended cleaner*


2-4 weeks

Warm wash with recommended cleaner*

Note: To successfully maintain Xceed, it is important to follow the care and maintenance advice to maintain your warranty. The recommended maximum maintenance intervals provided here are for general guidance only. Some installations may require extra maintenance due to local environmental conditions (proximity to industrial activity, etc.).

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall in any way exclude, restrict or modify the implied warranties under the Trade Practices Act 1974.

To register for the 7-year Xceed warranty as the original legal building owner where Xceed was installed, register online.