Security Screens Engineered For Extreme Environments

SaltWaterSeries security doors and windows are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh, specifically powder coated for harsh conditions. The mesh is chosen for its superb strength, durability and corrosion resistance, and is far superior to the 304 steel mesh on the market.

SaltWaterSeries is designed for optimum performance and durability in extreme environments including:

• Coastal areas within 500m from the coastline or up to 2 km for properties located on an escarpment, where prevailing wind will carry salt air

• Iron rich red dust prone areas

• Heavy industrial areas

SaltWaterSeries security screen windows and doors are manufactured using a patented fixing method to fix the mesh to an extruded aluminium frame. A patented tensioning tool also enables our screens to be custom built for most large openings without mid rails.

These security screens offer a wide range of features to meet Australian Standards AS5039-2008, with additional testing to ensure it continues to protect homes in cyclone, fire and corrosion prone areas. With a thin, impenetrable mesh, SaltWaterSeries gives you ultimate security, clear unobstructed views, without compromising on the aesthetics of your build.


Offering a unique blend of innovative contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology, SaltWaterSeries screens represent the next generation in home security solutions.

SaltWaterSeries 316 Security Screens are made from the finest materials while offering an elegant design that integrates seamlessly with your home. Our industry leading security doors and protection screens bring you the ultimate peace of mind, without sacrificing your lifestyle. No more pests and no more unwanted guests in your home.

Mesh infillHigh tensile, corrosion resistant, 316 marine-grade stainless steel specifically powder coated for corrosive environments
3 Point Locking SystemYes
Patented Fixing SystemYes
Suitable for beachfront propertiesYes, suitable for use within 500m of coast line or within 2km of an escarpment
Hole Aperture1.57mm
Insect ProtectionExcellent
Attractive, Sleek LookExcellent
Pet door options availableYes
Manufacturer’s Warranty*20 years with product registration or 1 year standard warranty

A Superior and Stronger Design

SaltWaterSeries screens are constructed of 316 stainless steel woven mesh and are resistant to corrosion and heat. They can resist any attempted forced entry in to your home, stopping a home invader or opportunistic thief dead in their tracks.

What goes into a SaltWaterSeries security screen?

Harder-Wearing and Longer Life Cycle

SaltWaterSeries is made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel which is specifically powder coated to provide extra protection against corrosive elements such as salt air.
316 Stainless Steel is known to offer greater corrosion resistance than the lower grade 304 Steel, especially when used in harsh salty environments.

Patented Chemical Bonded Fixing System

Our chemical bonding technology is the same product that is used on commercial aircraft wings and sky scrapers, so we know it’s strong.It provides exceptional strength and durability, as well as a level of viscoelasticity that provides superior energy absorbing properties.

A Choice of Frame Colours

The SaltWaterSeries frame is finished using Interpon™ powder coating in a wide range of colours, including the latest Colourbond™ colours and wood grain effect.

Our colour simulator makes it easy to see our range of colours applied to a security screen door.

Patented Keyway Fixing System

Our two-part wedge system has been designed to create the exact pressure needed to activate the 3M VHB adhesive to its full potential. Our innovative design provides clear spacing between the screen and aluminium frame to eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion. each corner join, providing Xceed security screens with steadfast strength.

3M™ VHB™ Acrylic Adhesive

Our security screens are manufactured using 3M VHB high performance chemical bonding technology in place of visible screws and rivets. It provides exceptional strength and durability, as well as a level of viscoelasticity that provides superior energy absorbing properties.

Sleek and Strong Aluminium Frame

Our extruded aluminium frame is designed to deliver a lightweight solution without compromising on strength. Solid aluminium stakes are used to fortify each corner join, providing SecureView security screens with steadfast strength.

Integrated Three-Point Locking System

Surpasses Security Grade Australian Standards (AS5039-2008) with an approved three-point locking system as standard.

Confidence and peace of mind with a 20-year warranty

SaltWaterSeries security doors and window screens are manufactured in Australia. It’s strength and durability, is backed by a 20-year warranty (when registered online).

SaltWaterSeries Product Testing

Our commitment to product excellence ensures that all our security screen products pass stringent Australian product testing standards conducted by AZUMA Design & Testing, a NATA approved test lab.

SaltWaterSeries surpasses the following tests in order to meet Australian Standards AS5039-2009:

We’re delighted to say that SaltWaterSeries security doors and window screens passed the following Australian Standard tests with flying colours.

Exceeds Australian Standards (AS5039)Pass
- Knife Shear TestPass
- Aluminium Frame TestsPass
- Pull TestPass
- Anti-Jemmy TestPass
- Impact TestPass
Aluminium Frame TestsPass
Cyclone Screen TestPass
Fire RatedPass
Neutral Salt Spray TestsPassed 3,000 hours
Stainless Mesh TestsPass

Click here for more information on testing and Australian Standards.

Protect your home with the finest security screening available on the Australian market with CommandeX.

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Read our blog on 'How does CommandeX’s Keyway Fixing System work?'


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