“If a job requires greater corrosion resistance than grade 304 can provide, grade 316 is the ‘next step up’. Grade 316 has virtually the same mechanical, physical, and fabrication characteristics as 304, with better corrosion resistance, particularly to pitting corrosion in chloride environments”Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA)

Stronger fixing system

SecureView Eclipx and Xceed security screens use a unique Australian patented fixing method:

  • 3M®’s High Performance VHB® Adhesive Bonding – The acrylic chemistry of the VHB adhesive eliminates the need for rivets and screws, delivering ultimate strength and durability whilst eliminating stress points,
  • Keyway Fixing System – This innovative system creates the precise pressure required to activate the adhesive. The system cleverly creates a clear space between the mesh and the aluminium frame, eliminating the risk of galvanic corrosion, which can occur when dissimilar metals make contact.

Pay for the ultimate in security screen technology, not “excessive” advertising budgets

Although some of our competitors may have larger advertising budgets that send messages claiming a superior product , a quick comparison between materials and fixing methods used will easily reveal that what they’re actually offering is inferior outdated technology.