Fire & Emergency Escape Security Screens

  • Complies with Australian Security Standards

  • Quick and keyless opening

When you install multiple security screen windows, it is important to ensure they are not all fixed and that you have an accessible escape route in case of an emergency.

Fire safety is a serious issue and fire departments across Australia are encouraging households to prepare fire evacuation plans. Visit your states fire department website for tools and information to build your fire plan. Once you implement a fire plan or install a Fire & Emergency Escape Security Screen, ensure you discuss your escape plan with your family.

Our Fire & Emergency Escape Security Screens allow for a quick and keyless escape from the inside while providing full security from the outside. These exceptionally strong security screens were innovatively designed with safety and practicality in mind.

The Fire & Emergency Escape Security Screen is custom made in Australia and available in outward swinging, inward swinging and sliding. Contact us for a free measure and quote from one of our dealers and they will advise you on your security screen options.


Our Fire & Emergency Escape Security Screen is custom built for your window opening using the SecureView 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel mesh and patented fixing system.

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Mesh infillHigh tensile, corrosion resistant, 316 marine-grade stainless steel
3 Point Locking SystemYes
Patented Fixing SystemYes
Hole Aperture1.575mm
Insect ProtectionExcellent
Attractive, Sleek LookExcellent
Pet door options availableYes


Security Grade Australian StandardYes
Knife Shear TestPass
Aluminium Frame TestsPass
Pull TestPass
Anti-Jemmy TestPass
Impact TestPass
Cyclone Screen TestPass
Fire RatedPass
10,000 Hour Salt Spray TestsPass
Stainless Mesh TestsPass
Manufacturer’s Warranty11 years

Visit the SecureView page for more information on technical specifications and rigorous testing.

Our products are regularly tested by AZUMA Design and Testing, which is a NATA approved test labs.

With a wide variety of frame colour options, including wood effect, you can select a quality Fire & Emergency Security Screen that matches your window opening, without impacting your view.

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