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5 Home Security Apps and Software

When it comes to home security, there are a few roads you can walk down if you want to ensure the safety of your home, belongings, and of course, family. One of the conventional methods of keeping your home safe is by installing security cameras...

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How to Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

Often when people think of air pollution the first thing to come to mind is haze or smog that hangs in the humid, summer air. Of course some cities have it worse than others, but the extra moisture in the air in warmer climates allows pollutants...

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10 Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you want to maximise the value of your home, you should consider investing in a few renovations or replacements. With housing prices the way they are, you may  be looking to sell your home to take advantage of the current market. Even if youâ...

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How to Keep Your Home Safe this Summer

  The warmer months of the year are a time to kick back and spend more time outdoors. It’s a time to open up all the doors and windows in the hope of catching a breeze. It’s when you head off for summer holidays, take trips to the bea...

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100 Gadgets for the home of the future


Smarthomes and the Internet of Things are paving the way for the future. With smart technologies that can connect to the web, communicate with other home devices, and save on energy, not only will our lives be made more convenient, but we’ll also b...

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Cyclone

Cyclones are categorised as strong, destructive winds that spin around a calm centre. Every year in Australia, homes suffer from thousands of dollars’ worth of damage – caused mainly due to overlooked maintenance. The amount of damage your ho...

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The Basics Behind Smart Lock Technology

With the rate that technology is advancing, it’s no surprise that a better solution has been found for locking home than with a traditional key. Chances are that you’ve seen a smart lock installed in a motel or business of some type, but the ...

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5 Tips for Choosing a Home Insurance Policy

Insurance is essential; it protects your home from unforeseen disasters, and it’s a gamble to go without it when you may end up regretting that fact in the future. The process of finding a good insurance policy can unfortunately be a daunting p...

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Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglary

Household burglaries are one of the biggest crimes that occur across Australia each year. In 2012, 450 burglaries were reported each week in Queensland. According to 2012 statistics, of the 8.7 million homes in Australia, nearly 250,000 were subject ...

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Guide to Calling the Emergency Services

Calling emergency services is something that we will hopefully not have to do too often. However it is something that we should all know how to do, should the need ever arise. Knowing the ins and outs of calling emergency services can be hard to ...

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