Security Screen Cleaning Products

Our new range of security screen cleaning products, CommandeX Clean and CommandeX Protect, is now available to purchase on our online shop.

CommandeX Clean and Protect Pack






Regular cleaning will keep your security screen doors and window security screens looking their best while prolonging their life, not to mention maintaining your rights under warranty.

CommandeX Clean is a high quality cleaner designed specifically for regular cleaning of security screen frames and mesh, while CommandeX Protect is a heavy duty lubricant specially formulated to create a protective anti-corrosion film on woven stainless steel mesh.

Which product warranty does CommandeX Clean and Protect apply to?

Depending on your security screen product and its specified warranty, these products may be an optional step in the cleaning process. The following extended product warranties require the use of CommandeX Clean and CommandeX Protect as part of the cleaning process:

SecureView registered extended warranty with a total of 15 years

SaltWaterSeries registered extended warranty with a total of 20 years

What happens if I don’t regularly clean my security screens?

Dust, dirt, and in particular salt, will crystalize on the screen and quickly attack the powder coating. Although we use highly corrosion resistant 316 marine grade stainless steel, any security screen mesh with a build up of airborne contaminants is susceptible to staining and corrosion.

Not only will this be visible, but most importantly, it puts your security and investment at risk.

How often should I clean my security screens?

This will depend on your location as different climates, along with proximity to the ocean and its salty, corrosive spray, present different challenges for your home’s fittings. Refer to the Warranty and Care Guide for your product which outlines the cleaning schedule for your location (ie distance to the coastline).

We recommend you to diarise your ‘security screen clean’ following the schedule in the link above. For other products, contact your retailer, and check your warranty and care guide.