Security Screens vs Safety Screens

Whether you’re building, renovating, or just wanting to add some insect or security protection to your home, you will find there are a wide range of screens for different purposes. This Security Screens vs Safety Screens buying guide will help you research the range of screening products and their features.

What’s the difference between a security door and a safety door?

Security doors and safety doors are manufactured for different purposes. The key differences are whether the door is tested to meet Australian Standards 5039 and if it includes a triple locking system. We’ll go into more detail to help you choose the product most suited to your needs.

What is a security screen?

A window security screen or security screen door has been independently tested to meet Australian Standards 5039. There are six tests including:

  • The Knife Sheer Test to ensure strength of the security mesh
  • The Impact Test to simulate a physical attack on a screen (ie kicking the mesh)
  • The Anti-jemmy Test to ensure no one can lever the screen open
  • The Pull Test simulates an intruder attempting to pull the screen out
  • The Probe Test guarantees an intruder cannot create a gap in the security screen to get their hand in to unlock the door
  • The Sheer Test simulates an intruder attempting to cut the security screen mesh with pliers

    A security screen door must also be fitted with a triple lock. You can read more about this in our blog: ‘What’s the difference between a single lock and a triple lock?’

    A certified security screen is essential if you are looking for home security.

    What is a safety screen?

    A safety screen (also known as a barrier screen) is stronger than a flyscreen, but isn’t as strong and secure as a security screen. A safety screen may look like a security screen, but it has not been tested to meet Australian Standards. Window safety screens and safety doors are effective as a security deterrent only for opportunistic petty thieves, as they are not manufactured withstand a break in and experienced burglars will know this. A lot of Diamond Grille and mass produced doors from hardware stores fall into this category.

    Some safety screens (not all) are also suitable as fall preventions screens for high windows. A fall prevention screen or kids fallsafe screen ensures that the screen can withhold 25 kg of pressure in three different points, meaning if the window can be open, no one can fall out of the window. 

    Which screen is best for you?

    Ultimately, this will depend on the level of security you want for your home and whether you want to be able to leave your windows and doors open knowing an intruder cannon break in. Both screens have their purposes.


    Security Screens

    Safety Screens

    Full securityYesNo
    Insect protectionYesYes
    Window fall preventionYesYes
    Pet resistantYesYes

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