How to Naturally Deter Common Pests and Insects

commandex - How to Naturally Deter Common Pests and Insects - How to Naturally Deter Common Pests and Insects

Pests and insects are never welcome in the home. Yet, somehow, it seems that every other year another type of pest or insect has taken up residence on your property, sometimes causing damage, and always being a nuisance. Some pest and insect infe...

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A Guide to Reducing Children’s Injuries in the Home

commandex - A Guide to Reducing Children’s Injuries in the Home

The home is the place where children are supposed to be at their safest, however due to a number of factors, this is not always the case. All too often we hear about falls, burns, and other accidents that cause injuries and even more severe conse...

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Tips and Tricks for Teaching Kids About Home Safety

  When we see a child involved in a mishap, we might say, ‘What were the parents thinking?’ As our lives get busier and busier and the number of families with both parents working full time increases, teaching your child what to do wh...

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How to Choose the Right Curtain Style For Your Home

Selecting curtains is a lot like selecting clothes. The choice depends not only on what looks good, but what their purpose is. Lots of interior decorative items can look amazing on their own, but will the curtains work on the specific window you...

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How to Choose The Right Alarm System For Your Home

It’s true; crime rates are dropping. The number of armed robberies, for example, has dramatically decreased over the last few years. But breaking and entering, as well as burglary, continue to rise, according to numbers from the Australian Bure...

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What NOT to Do for Your Home Security

It’s amazing how many home security blunders people make, despite the person thinking they’re following the guidelines perfectly. Even the most stringent of common sense approaches can fall down if you’re not prepared for an intruder, and a...

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Protecting Your Screen Door From Your Pets

Pet-proofing your home is hardly a new concept. Certain pets are prone to certain destructive tendencies, and even a well-trained animal can still make a mistake from time to time. When it comes to screen doors, claw marks can certainly build up ...

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Top Safest Suburbs in Brisbane

If safety and living happily and peacefully is your top priority when you’re looking for a new place to live, then read on. We’ve compiled the safest suburbs in Brisbane to live in, providing you and your family with the protection and happin...

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How to Keep Your House Cool this Summer

In the heat of summer, your air conditioning prices can go up as much as the thermometer does. This is doubly true in climates with muggy humidity and long heat waves that can extend from the springtime into the autumn. This raises the question...

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Simple Fire Safety Tips To Help Protect Your Family And Your Home

CommandeX_Be Fire Ready

When a fire starts in your home, you might only have 2 minutes to escape - or worse, it cold claim your life. Because of this, it’s incredibly important you’re properly prepared in the event of a house fire and employ simple safety precaut...

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