Security Window Screens and Fall Protection

The protection of your home involves more than just the prevention of a forced entry. It can also involve the prevention of unintended exit, either by someone breaking through a weak insect screen, or a loose screen becoming dislodged from its frame.

Especially among the young and curious, fly screens pose only a nominal barrier. A determined toddler can make short shrift of a fly screen, especially if it has been weakened already from prior attempts or by pets. When this reality occurs on an upstairs window, you have the potential for a dangerous fall to occur, something which happens annually.

A security window screen on your upstairs windows can keep you from shutting windows through the summer due to such fears. Their strong and durable nature allows them to withstand the most determined of efforts from your pets or your children, while allowing proper airflow in to the home, and a sense of connection with the outdoors.

With this said, people often express concerns about our security window screens, especially in regards to their placement on upstairs windows. In case of a fire, or an emergency, how would one manage to escape? The answer has been provided by our design team. A convenient unlocking latch is located on the frame, which while it is operable by an adult, is out of reach of a toddler. This allows the screen to be removed, in case of an emergency, and facilitates quick escapes.

Protecting your family can sometimes mean protecting them from themselves, and at CommandeX, we can help you achieve this goal. Contact us now to get started.