Security Screen Doors and Ember Attacks

The recent arrival of some unseasonably warm weather to areas of New South Wales and Queensland served as a distinct relief to many in the region. It has been a lengthy winter season, and the sensation that it may be coming to close is a happy moment for many of us here.

With that said, an early spring also means an early start to fire season. The undergrowth now has more time to dry out, and the period of time for safe fuel reduction has been narrowed considerably. Already, we have seen a weekend with a total fire ban in areas of New South Wales, as hot, dry winds from the west blew across the region.

At CommandeX, our products are geared towards the provision of privacy and a feeling of safety for your home, and this extends beyond just security against intruders. Our security screen doors and window security screens double as protection against one of the most dangerous elements of a bushfire – the ember attack.

During a bushfire, high winds are often blowing. Between them, and updrafts from the intense heat, a great deal of burning material is picked up from the seat of the fire, and is launched in to the air and downwind. This will often set spot fires ablaze prior to the arrival of the main fire, and stymies our efforts to create fire breaks and protect our homesteads.

Embers are hot enough to often melt, or otherwise penetrate, weak fly screens. This means they can land on wooden window sills, or worse, enter the home. But with CommandeX security screen doors and window security screens, constructed of a toughened stainless steel, the embers, like potential intruders, are stopped before they become a threat.

Protection of a home in Australia involves facing multiple threats, and as summer takes hold, one of the oldest begins its annual cycle. Protect your home this year with CommandeX.