Window Security Screens and Awning and Casement Windows

The appeal of awning and casement windows are numerous. Their size and angles allow for natural light to flood in to your home. They can be utilised even during rain and inclement weather, keeping your home ventilated through the seasons. And modern methods have seen them become reliable, tough, and resistant to heat transfer.

But these windows have presented a challenge for traditional screening methods. Security window screens and their installers have, in the past, struggled to install screens on windows that operate outside the norm, opening outward, or angling open. However, in the hands of a talented installer, security window screens can be easily fitted to windows that would seemingly render one unusable, without ruining the function of the window.

If you have an inward opening casement window or awning window that opens with a winder, you have two screening option . Your installer will utilise either a fixed window security screen, or a Fire and Emergency Security Screen, placed in a manner to allow the full operation of the winder. Your window operates as designed, while your window is as secure as any other in the home.

If your window must be pushed open, we at Commandex typically recommend a Fire and Emergency Security Screen where compliant with BCA window heights. These unique fixtures allow the screen to be easily removed from the inside, using a convenient latch on the frame. At Commandex, we have adapted our service offering to ensure that our toughened window security screens are capable of doing their job on any window or door in your home.