Security Mesh Doors: The Subtle Deterrent

At Commandex, we combine the latest technologies and quality materials with home security, to provide home owners with stylish and strong security screens that don’t obstruct the view. Modern technology and materials enables our security mesh to have great see through visibility, while still providing a strong and toughened barrier to entry, for threats both human and otherwise.

Home security no longer needs to look like a fortress. Many home security solutions are based around the notion of visible deterrence. Their security measures are clear and loud, but they are more of a show of force. Heavy steel bars, the classic form of protecting your windows, are often secured only by a few mortar screws. A good strong pull, and they break away.

At Commandex, we recognise the importance of proper installations. We have over 200 licensees across Australia, all committed to providing quality products and service to our customers. Their qualified and experienced installers ensure you are getting a product that makes the most of its thoughtful, toughened construction.

CommandeX’s security mesh doors are made with 316 Marine Grade stainless steel mesh fixed in a patented fixing system. The security mesh is strong, yet offers high visibility, protecting homes from insects, intrusion, and flying embers.

A security mesh door from Commandex offers peace of mind, and the knowledge that your product has been engineered well, and installed properly, allows our customers to sleep well and travel without fear for their possessions.

If you’re considering an investment in your home’s security, you can do no better than Commandex. For more information, contact us today.