Choosing Security Screen Doors and Windows

As the hottest weather of the year descends us, the need for proper ventilation becomes more and more acute. But, open windows and doors may be seen by opportunistic thieves. What's more, sharing your living space with winged insects can be downrig...

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Which Security Screen Is Right For You?

CommandeX supplies two security screen systems, SecureView EclipX 316 Marine Grade Stainless Woven Mesh and Xceed Perforated Aluminium. Security Screen Comparison at a Glance The table below compares the features and Australian Standards testing of S...

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Five Reasons Why to Choose Secureview Security Screens


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Security Mesh Doors: The Subtle Deterrent

At Commandex, we combine the latest technologies and quality materials with home security, to provide home owners with stylish and strong security screens that don’t obstruct the view. Modern technology and materials enables our security mesh to ha...

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Window Security Screens and Awning and Casement Windows

The appeal of awning and casement windows are numerous. Their size and angles allow for natural light to flood in to your home. They can be utilised even during rain and inclement weather, keeping your home ventilated through the seasons. And modern ...

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Security Window Screens and Fall Protection

The protection of your home involves more than just the prevention of a forced entry. It can also involve the prevention of unintended exit, either by someone breaking through a weak insect screen, or a loose screen becoming dislodged from its frame....

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Security Screen Doors and Ember Attacks

The recent arrival of some unseasonably warm weather to areas of New South Wales and Queensland served as a distinct relief to many in the region. It has been a lengthy winter season, and the sensation that it may be coming to close is a happy moment...

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Choosing the Right Door for Your Coastal-Style Beachhouse Home

CommandeX - Choosing the Right Door for Your Coastal-Style Beachhouse Home

Regardless of where you live, there are always a number of different factors to take into account when choosing your home’s decor. From the interior details, to the exterior finishes, one such (very important) aspect are the doors of your home ...

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How to Protect Your Home in Case of a House Fire

CommandeX - How to Protect Your Home in Case of a House Fire

House fires are a scary prospect, and can happen to anyone. Ask anyone that has had the dismay of experiencing a fire at home and they will tell you it was one of the last things they expected would happen to them. While we often remember the obv...

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How to Add More Privacy to Your Home and Backyard

commandex - How to Add More Privacy to Your Home and Backyard

While nestled in the comfort of our own home or garden, we deserve to be able to enjoy a certain level of privacy. Privacy surely shouldn’t be a luxury on our own property. Yet sometimes, neighbours and outsiders seem ever too close. Homes are ...

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