Security Window Screens and Strata Requirements

After a number of incidents featuring high-level falls was documented by the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, the New South Wales government, along with most other states, were lobbied to find a solution.

In 2013, the Australian Building Codes Board altered the Building Code of Australia, targeting childcare centres, bedrooms within two-story buildings or higher, and those within single story buildings facing steep sloping blocks with a fall from floor to ground higher than two metres, dictating that they must prevent their windows from opening outward more than 12.5 centimetres, or install a safety device. This amount was chosen, partly, because it will prevent a child from accidentally falling through the window.

Since this legislation has been implemented, strata managers have been working towards methods of meeting the demands of this legislation, while still creating an enjoyable environment indoors. In a country that battles with heat to the degree that Australia does, being able to encourage those welcome breezes can be key to maintaining a reasonable indoor temperature, and if your window can only be opened this small amount, you are restricting airflow.

Commandex, however, has the solution. Our security window screens are not only adept at preventing forced entry – they are highly adept at preventing accidental exit. Easily strong enough to stop a falling person, be it child or adult, the addition of a security window screen to your home can keep residents safe and sound.

And not only the human residents, either – pets can easily make short work of insect screens. The stainless steel grid of a security screen, along with the hardened aluminium of the frame, will ensure that your furry friends will stay indoors, despite their best efforts.

Rather than restricting the airflow in to your home and through your windows, a security window screen from Commandex can keep your home’s residents safe from both outsiders, and from themselves. Contact us today to learn more.