Class Meets Function: Plantation Shutters from CommandeX

It is a truism of the times, that despite our best efforts and advances in technology, sometimes the old standards still provide the best option.

It should come as little wonder, as well, that the era prior to air conditioning features some remarkable methods of keeping a home cool. And here at Commandex, we have decided to bring to you one of the best of the classics, with our new plantation shutters.

Plantation Shutters have been used around the world dating back to their origins in ancient Greece and prove popular for their functionality and classic look to dress all window designs.

Given their inherent advantages, they continue to gain popularity among Australian homeowners. Here are a few reasons why.

They Last

The solid blades on these plantation shutters stand up well to the test of time, preserving their colour and shape. They can handle heat, intense sunlight, and humidity, and won’t warp, fade, or become shabby in their appearance. Whether you opt for the wood of the fauxwood, you can enjoy a product that will hold up well.

They are Convenient

With the large gaps comes easy access to your duster or a damp cloth. Plantation shutters can be quickly and easily cleaned and dusted, and therefore, continue to look great for a long time.

A Stylish Addition

Plantation shutters bring a look of class to any home. Fitted with care, they can seamlessly suit the look and the colour of your home, adding elegance and style. By so doing, they can improve on the appeal of your home, and therefore the value, to potential buyers.

At CommandeX, we are rapt to add this exciting new window shutter to our product range. Available in a wide variety of wood and fauxwood, you can also choose between a variety of blade widths. With materials and designs chosen with the same care and attention to detail as the remainder of our products, these shutters will make a striking addition to your home.

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