Safe Suburbs: What to look for?

Providing a safe and secure environment for your family is a primary concern for many of us here in Australia. On a global scale, the Lucky Land is indeed so – it is a relatively safe place to live, by global standards. But among our urban areas, there are some that are more so than others.

Of primary concern in these suburban haunts is the likelihood of break-ins and robberies. We keep a large majority of our precious possessions at our homes, both things that commanded a high price, and those with sentimental value, and keeping them safe from thieves is of key concern. At Commandex, we provide premium home security screen doors and window security screens to keep your home secure, but the question remains: what makes a given suburb a safer option than another?

Mindfulness and Community Spirit

Areas that feature an inclusive and robust community spirit tend to provide a safer place for its residents. This is because of the shared level of trust: people are far less likely to condone any form of thievery in their neighbourhood, and any suspects are quickly exposed to the authorities. There is more shared concern, and therefore, more collective vigilance.

Relative and ‘Flat’ Prosperity

Prosperous suburbs are safer than their poorer relatives, but a shared level of prosperity is equally important. Areas of high disparity in prosperity put those high-income homes under more of a spotlight, and displays of wealth are more easily noticeable. As well, areas with higher growth prospects also feature less crime.


Perhaps an extension of the community spirit, a more religious suburb will host less crime than others. More devout homeowners will look down more scathingly on crime, and will work harder to eradicate it. They also tend to create a more egalitarian community.

The fast expansion of our suburban areas in many Australian cities has seen neighbourhoods change quickly in recent years, and the disconnectedness of modern society has shaken up our familiarity with our neighbours. Look for these key features to find a suburb that is safe, and will serve as a good home base for yourself and your family. If you remain worried, window security screens and home security screen doors put a physical deterrent in the path of would-be thieves. Contact Commandex today to learn more.