Security Screen Windows and Doors: Airflow and Natural Air Conditioning

The intense heat of the Australian summer can provide difficulties for our indoor spaces. The hot afternoons and intense humidity can mean poor sleeps await us each night, along with lethargy during our time spent indoors. Little wonder, then, that we invest in air conditioners.

But this investment has grown larger in recent years. Our energy bills are now higher than ever, something that fewer and fewer of us are able to rationalise. And besides, people have long lived in hot places, employing natural methods to keep cool. Aided by open windows, and with your peace of mind secured by CommandeX’s lineup of security screen doors and window security screens, there are some easier methods to keep your living area liveable, even on the hottest days.

Limit Your Exposure

By reducing the amount of your home in direct sunlight, you can prevent more heat from radiating through your walls and windows. Long shades, and well-placed foliage, are your best friends.

Employ Lighter Colours

Lighter colours on your walls and roof reflect more of the sun’s radiation, rather than absorbing it. Stick to whites and pastels.

Keep That Air Flowing

Air movement is the most important of all of these factors. By replacing tepid and moist air from inside the home with cooler, dryer product, you can make considerable improvements to the temperature. The trick is to orient your openings, both laterally and vertically, to encourage this. Ceiling and standing fans can help, but natural air flow makes a bigger difference.

By opening windows and doors on either side of any given room, and the whole home, you can encourage the ambient breeze to roll through and ventilate. Pay attention to the ambient breeze, and make use of those openings that face it – making sure to provide an exhaust on the other side. Window and door security screens can make all the difference here.

Your roof void must also be ventilated. Because hot air tends to rise, the hottest air can easily become trapped in the peak of your home. A vent on or near the peak will allow this air to escape, while drawing cooler air in from underneath.

Done properly, and with the proper security screen doors and window security screens from Commandex, you can enjoy a reasonable temperature inside your home all year long,. Contact us today for more information!