Aluminium Fencing for Brisbane and Sydney: A Natural Rust Protection

The Australian population hugs the coast, with a few exceptions, most of the way around the continent. Fresh water is a precious commodity, and these areas receive more of it. However, this coastal way of life comes at a cost. The breezes from the ocean come mixed with salt, creating issues with rust. Many coastal homes must replace their fittings and downpipes considerably more often, as a result.

This reality has bred the popularity of aluminium. Wood, the tried and tested method of encouraging some privacy, must contend with the problem of rot. But aluminium has a few tricks up its sleeve. Unlike steel or iron, aluminium does not rust.

The reason for this comes down to chemical composition. Rust, or iron oxide, is caused by oxygen reacting with the iron at an atomic level, which weakens the bonds of the metal. Both steel and iron are prone to this ailment. However, aluminium forms its own protective barrier, courtesy of the reaction between aluminium and oxygen.

This thin layer of aluminium oxide actively serves to protect aluminium from the rigours of corrosion. Recent research indicates that when water molecules come in to contact with aluminium oxide, the aluminium and oxygen atoms move apart, in some cases by more than 50%. This is just enough for the structure to become chemically inert, unable to react with oxygen, and thus, unable to create rust.

This means that aluminium is able to last far longer than comparable metals, especially in the tough, salty environments that dominate much of Australia’s urban scene. By virtue of retaining both their strength, and their aesthetic appeal, aluminium privacy screens for your patio, deck, or brick pier infill constitute an excellent investment in both the security and the style of your home.

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