Choosing Security Screen Doors and Windows

As the hottest weather of the year descends us, the need for proper ventilation becomes more and more acute. But, open windows and doors may be seen by opportunistic thieves.

What’s more, sharing your living space with winged insects can be downright unpleasant as well. You need a solution that combines a ventilation-improving insect screen with a secure, toughened entry point, and at CommandeX, this is what we provide.

But with different types of security screen windows and doors on the market, choosing the one that suits you the most can be a challenge. Your decision should be guided by the unique needs of your home or business, your budget, and the prevailing conditions within your area.

Meet the Standard

In Australia, in order to be considered a true ‘security screen’, your screen must meet Australian Standard AS5039-2008. There is also a standard for installation, Standard AS5040. You can always ask to see your installers license. Otherwise, you could be installing little more than an expensive fly screen.

What’s Inside?

Many businesses constitute a large investment on behalf of their owners. If your business is housing an expensive stock of machinery, or sensitive documents, stronger security screens on your windows and doors could be worthwhile to protect your property. The Xceed lineup fit this application well.

What’s Outside?

The risk of a bushfire, or a heavy weather event such as a cyclone, can increase your need for tough measures. The ability to withstand ember attacks, flying debris and salt air while providing a toughened security measure against break-ins are a key attributes of SecureView Eclipx. This security screen system has been independently tested to meet (BAL) 12.5,19, 29, 40, fire attenuation testing, cyclone testing with a 4kg timber projectile at 30m per second, and the 10 000 Hour Salt Spay Test. In areas prone to bushfires, cyclones, and corrosion, SecureView Eclipx could be your best choice.

By taking in to consideration your situation, you can make an educated decision in regards to your needs. Security screen doors and windows can do a lot more for you than simply keeping the bugs out.

To make it easier to compare, we’ve put together a comparison table which outlines the features and Australian Standards testing of both security screen systems. Click here to view the table.