5 Easy Ways to Increase Garage and Shed Security


Your garage or shed can serve as home to numerous expensive items, from gardening equipment to power and hand tools, to bicycles to pool tables and even motor vehicles. It’s therefore no surprise that garages and sheds can be a haven for burglars. They are seen as a much easier target than the main property itself. Sheds and garages tend to be less secure than the house, allowing thieves to easily gain access to a large selection of highly valuable and re-saleable items. Not only this, a garage that is attached to the home is also often used to gain access to the rest of the property.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates that in the twelve months prior to its Crime Victimisation Survey 2009-10, 254,500 households were the victims of at least one break-in to their home, garage or shed and 203,700 households were victims of an attempted break-in. By taking just a few small steps and implementing some specific security measures, Australian homeowners can prevent the risk or garage burglaries.

1. Cover the windows

Burglars will typically “case” the property before attempting a break-in. We can be ever so careful to pull the blinds or curtains to prevent burglars from peering into our home but the contents of our garages and sheds can remain in clear view. It’s important to cover the windows of your garage just as you would a room in your home.

Use frosted window panes or film or extend your use of curtains or blinds to include the garage too. You might even consider the use of window bars or security screens on your garage or shed windows.

2. Position a security monitor in the garage

A security system offers the greatest form of protection. There are some key points in the home where security system motion sensors should be place and an adjoining garage is definitely one of them. The damage a thief can cause by gaining access to your garage can be monumental. Thousands of dollars of valuables could be swiped in an instant.

Even if you feel you would not be at such a loss at the theft of the contents of a shed or garage, the successful break-in into the garage offers a route of access and the confidence to continue their intrusion throughout the rest of the property.

3. Ensure doors are as secure as possible

Padlock the throw latch of your garage door to ensure it is very difficult to break through. It is wise to consider the use of multiple locks, with a combination of deadbolts and padlocks. The garage door itself should be made from highly durable, sturdy materials such as fiberglass, solid wood or metal.

If your garage or shed offers access to the rest of your home, you need to take specific measures to tightly secure the door that leads to your house. This door should be treated like any external door to the house. Consider a programmed entry code or at the very least, the door should be lockable with a key.

4. Be very careful where you leave the keys

Homeowners can be careless when it comes to where they leave the keys to the garage or shed. Remote controls are very typically clipped to the visor inside of motor vehicles. Potential thieves will always ensure to peer inside and break into your vehicle to get hold of this remote control. If access to your garage requires a remote opener, opt for a keychain remote opener which remains on your car keys inside the home.

Keys to padlocks can sometimes be found hiding under a rock or a mat within close proximity of the garage or shed. Do not leave keys to garages or sheds lying around, no matter how convenient it may be for you. In doing so, you are just making it ever so easy for burglars to gain access to the items in your shed or garage, and potentially into your home.

5. Use motion detector lights

One of the most commonly used means of keeping a garage safe from burglars is to install motion sensor lights around the location of the garage or shed door. Motion detectors utilise infrared waves that can detect body temperature and moving objects. The motion lights will detect warm objects, such as animals, cars, and people. When movement is detected, a bright light will turn on and stay on for a specific pre-set time period. This light can spook potential burglars and capture the attention of neighbours and the owners of the property.

Make garage security a priority

Don’t allow thieves to feel comfortable enough to break into your garage or shed. With some relatively minor security measures in place, you can go a long way to deterring potential thieves and increasing the overall security and protection of your property.