Demand for security doors increases in the lead up to Christmas holidays

If you’re going away in the Christmas school holidays, then now is the time to make arrangements to secure your home.

Summer is the peak season for security screen manufacturing and installation companies and the increased demand will impact turnaround times.

How long does it take for a custom made security screen to be installed?

This will depend on the location and demand of each CommandeX dealer, but a rough guide is 4-6 weeks. Please keep in mind that as the weather warms up and holidays are scheduled, the demand for security screen doors and windows increases, and our dealers find themselves very busy in the lead up to Christmas.

5 reasons why demand increases at summer

  1. Home owners going away on holidays and wanting to keep their home secure while they are away.
  2. Occupants wanting to open doors and windows for airflow and feel safe while they sleep in summer.
  3. Families wanting to fully open windows in second story bedrooms often install a Kids Fallsafe Screen or similar.
  4. People wanting to save on cooling costs with cross ventilation in home.
  5. Keep out mozzies & other insects while doors and windows are open.

DIY vs. custom made security doors and security screens

Most of our dealers are family business, and by nature are small businesses. We love supporting local family businesses and hope you will too when comparing mass produced, off the shelf screen products and DIY with custom made and professionally installed security screens.

A custom made security door or window security screen is made with care to precise measurements to perfectly fit your door or window frame. An exact fit is crucial to the security of your home and this cannot be achieved with an off the shelf product sold at large hardware stores.

This diagram illustrates what goes into buying a security door or security screen window through a CommandeX dealer.

Our dealers supply custom built security screen doors and security window screens in varying sizes and styles including:

Our aluminium security doors and security screens are available in two screen / mesh options, SecureView 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh and Xceed perforated aluminium, so you can be confident in finding a security screen door to suit your home, security needs and budget.

Need some colour inspiration? You can view our range of 26 standard colours including wood effect and use our interactive colour simulator to see how each colour looks on a security screen.

To find your local CommandeX dealer, call us on 1300 720 838 or fill out the online enquiry form.