Door Lock Safety Tips

The safest way to lock your CommandeX security screen door from the inside is by using the snib. This activates the triple lock  and ensures no one can break through the security door while you’re inside.

Snib Lock

What is a snib?

A snib is a small lever on the door lock which manually operates the lock catch to lock and unlock the door. The snib is located on the indoor side of the door handle. 

Why is it safest to use the snib while inside?

Using the key will deadlock your door. It best used when you are leaving the house and locking up. If you need to rush out of the house in an emergency, it is quicker and safer to quickly turn the snib, than potentially look for the key to unlock the door.

Safest way to lock the door from the outside

When you lock the door with a key, you can either partially turn the key (one click) to activate the snib, or fully turn the key (two clicks) to activate the deadlock.

What if someone leaves the house while others are inside?

If someone leaves the house and locks the door with a key from the outside, they should ensure they only partially turn the key it so they hear one click. This will activate the triple lock while ensuring the occupants inside can still use the snib to unlock the door. This is critical for home safety and should be considered as part of your emergency evacuation plan (read our other blog Home Fire Safety Tips). If they turn the lock completely and hear two clicks then they have activated the deadlock and anyone inside will need a key to unlock the door.


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