Home Security Screen Doors and Colour: Our New Colour Visualiser

Making changes to your home, no matter how sure you might be, is often fraught with concern. You may have grown used to a certain aesthetic, and especially if you are someone who enjoys working with their hands, could have put considerable effort in to the current look and feel of your loved four walls.

Home security screen doors won’t profoundly alter the way that your home looks – that is the advantage of our subtle-yet-tough screening material, and one of its biggest advantages. But the entire package, frames and all, will create some subtle alterations to the home. Ensuring that you are happy with the look, feel, and importantly, the colour, is key to ensuring you get the most from your investment. That is why at CommandeX we have put together a colour selector for our customers.

The Colour Selector

Everyone can remember taking home those small paint samples, and attempting – often in vain – to imagine what the colour will look like when expressed across an entire wall. We decided that we could do better.

This unique device allows you a first-hand look at what home security screen doors will look like, in a variety of different colour arrangements. Quickly and easily, you can scroll through the numerous frame colour options that are available for these products, to find the one that will suit your home the best.

This range of Interpon powder coating has been created to stand up to prolonged exposure to a variety of different environments, and will continue to look great, with minimal maintenance on your part. All that you need to do is decide which one is ‘you’.

Head over to the Colour Selector and have a go!