Why SecureView Eclipx Screens Have The Best Corrosion Protection


A good security screen is one that keeps intruders out, and breeze in. But a great security screen is one that also stands up to the elements and keeps your home looking good for years on end. And it’s no coincidence, but SecureView Eclipx Security Screens from CommandeX are the best that you can get. Made using 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel mesh, they provide superior strength and long lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

Coastal corrosion

Around 80% of Australia’s population lives on or near the coast, and corrosion from salt spray can be a real problem. Salt will not only corrode metal, but also concrete, tiles, bricks, mortar, and wood. If left unchecked, it can cause severe structural problems in a building.

When it comes to metal surfaces, the best protection you can get against salt spray is stainless steel. Unlike mild steel, stainless steel contains at least 10% of the mineral chromium, which gives it a much higher resistance to corrosion. A thin inert film of chromium-rich oxide adheres to its surface, providing protection against a wide range of corrosive elements, including salt.

So if you live within 5 kilometres of the coast, remember that any metal fittings in your home – including your security screens – should be made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Why 316 Marine Grade?

All SecureView Eclipx Security Screens are made using 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel because it’s the highest grade available and provides the greatest corrosion protection.

While less expensive grades – like Grade 304 – are more likely to suffer from some corrosion and what’s known as ‘tea staining’ (discolouration caused by contact with chlorides), Grade 316 provides superior resistance to a wide range of corrosive medias, and increased resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.

Galvanic corrosion

Another potential cause of metal corrosion is what’s referred to as galvanic corrosion. This is when you have two different metals in contact with one another and exposed to water or dust. The more active metal will begin to corrode and protect the less active metal.

In the case of a security screen, the more active metal is the aluminium component and the less active is the stainless steel mesh. So in order to prevent this reaction from occurring on our screens, CommandeX ensures that the two metals are fully insulated from each other at the time of manufacture, eliminating the possibility of galvanic corrosion.

This is why CommandeX have designed a system that does not use metal screws to fix the stainless steel mesh to the aluminium frame.

Rigorous testing

Using the right materials isn’t the only way to ensure our screens won’t rust or corrode. We also subject them to rigorous testing to make sure they’ll stand up to the elements over time.

SecureView Eclipx 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel easily passes the industry standard tests for corrosion resistance.  During the 10,000 Hour Salt Spray Test, it comfortably surpassed the Australian Standard (AS 2331.3.1).  The concentrated conditions of this test are said to be equivalent to 100 years of the “real life” salt spray a typical Australian coastal home would experience.

The full package

There are a variety of security screens on the market, all claiming to be the best. But if you’re looking at installing security screens and doors in your home, you’ll find that SecureView Eclipx from CommandeX is the one brand that ticks every single box that there is to tick. Our screens are:

  • Secure – Our mesh exceeds Australian Standard (AS5039-2008) for impact-resistance, jemmying, and knife-shear, and the chemical bonding technology we use is industrial strength, as used on aircraft wings and skyscrapers.
  • Fire safe – Our screens and doors have been rigorously tested under Australian Standards and are fully compliant with Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 12.5, 19, 29, and 40.
  • Insect proof – With a hole aperture of just 0.625mm larger than a standard fly screen, our security screens will keep a wide variety of insects outside where they belong.
  • Low impact – Our screens are made with an innovative weave that reduces heat and glare, without blocking natural light, and with a black powder coating for max visibility.
  • Child safe – Our window screens comply with Building Code Association (BCA) guidelines, opening no more than 12.5 centimetres and withstanding 25 kg of pressure in three different points.
  • Rust and corrosion proof – Made using 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel, our security screens provide maximum protection from rust and corrosion, even in coastal environments.

So shop around by all means, but if you can’t find anyone offering all the features of SecureView Eclipx Security Screens from CommandeX, visit us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free measure and quote.