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for Australian Homes and Businessines

Achieve energy savings with
Aluminium Roller Shutters

  • Improve your home’s insulation by up to 90%, and reduce noise by up to 50%
  • Control the light in your home – capacity for 100% light block out
  • Save energy

  • Choose from a wide range of colours
  • Different styles and profiles
  • Protection from weather events
  • Provides a deterrent to thieves

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Save up to 40% on heating and cooling energy costs with our insulated solar powered roller shutters. The panels of our outdoor window shutters have been injected with a polyurethane foam, which increases their strength and ability to insulate your home from light, heat, and noise. With a range of colours and slimline mounting options available, the shutters are designed to integrate with your buildings colour scheme, and improve your privacy and safety.

Curved Series

  • This outstanding product was created to suit Australian specifications for an ideal window roller shutter, for both homes and businesses. Roll-formed in Adelaide on precise German-built machinery, they are built to the highest standards.

    During the forming process, polyurethane foam is injected between the double walled cavity in the Curved Series’ slats. The logic of the curve is to improve upon the lateral strength of the slat, and to minimise the size of the rolled-up shutter and the head box. Meanwhile, the polyurethane improves greatly upon both the strength, and the insulation qualities, of the shutter.

    Three different styles are currently available:

    • – 400: Profile lines run along the convex side, with a flat finish on the concave side
    • – 401: Smooth finishes on both sides
    • – 402: Profile lines running on both sides

Colours & Features

  • Colour Range
  • Features

Colour Range

Choose your roller shutter colour

Select from our range 11 profile standard colours and 8 head box standard colours.

Woodland Grey
Deep Ocean Blue
*Colours displayed are a guide only and have been digitally matched as closely as possible. We recommend using genuine Rollashield samples for final colour selection.



Aluminium panels are injected with polyurethane foam for increased strength and insulation

Slat profile


Slat Profile

Mounting options

Face fit or reveal fit

Mounting Options


Act as a visible deterrent


5 years

Technical Specifications

  • Weight (per m2): 4kg
  • Maximum Curtain Width: 3.6m
  • Maximum Area (m2): 7.7
  • Gauge of Aluminium: 0.32mm
  • Profile Slat Height: 40mm
  • Standard Bottom Bar Dimensions: 50mm
  • Standard Axle: 50mm circular