Essential Home Safety Blogs Every Parent Should Follow


Having a safe home is a priority, especially when there are children involved. But with so many experts giving opinions, finding the right advice can sometimes be a little overwhelming. We’ve taken the hard work out of creating a safe environment for your family with these top 10 home safety blogs. Enjoy reading through and learning some quick tips to help keep your home family friendly!

My Precious Kid

1Not only does this site offer advice and products on how to keep babies and children safe within the home, but also has safety tips for pets, children and adults with special needs, as well as the elderly. This blog offers a variety of information regarding children of all ages: from newborns to toddlers, get sleep advice or safe-sleeping accessories, toilet training tools, ID bracelets and an extensive range of childproofing ideas all on the one site.

Safe Kids

2Not sure what dangers are in your house? Use the Safe Kids online tool to target the areas that could be hazardous around the home. This is a great place for not only parents, but also teachers and other professionals as it is full of reliable advice. With the help of Johnson and Johnson, the Children’s National Medical Centre have created a go-to site for advice on child safety.

Raising Children

3This is THE blog all Australian parents should turn to. While it covers all aspects of parenting, a quick search on ‘safety’ will bring up hundreds of helpful articles. Get information and safety advice for every phase of life.

Stay at Home Mum

4This site also covers newborns through to the adult years and offers a great selection of reliable, but practical advice on home safety and every topic in between. Get a checklist to ensure the safety of your newborn or get tips on how to teach kids about stranger danger.

Amber Alert GPS

5This site mainly deals with internet safety, cyber bullying and how to keep children safe from online predators. A great place for parents and teachers to learn how to teach children about cyberspace dangers.

Safety at Home

6If you like checklists, this is the site for you. Download safety checklists that address every corner of your home as well as information detailing lists of safety-approved items, gadgets and toys for the home.

Kid Power

7The focus here is mainly on teaching kids and teens about bullying, stranger danger and internet security in general. They have a great range of resources that are suitable for parents, carers and teachers globally on the above subjects, as well as family violence and more.

Child Safety Blog

8This site covers many aspects of home safety, including advice and tips with water and fire dangers common in every home. Find out how to childproof the yard, pool safety, car safety, and any other topic you may think to ask about.

CFA Australia

9Get expert advice on how to reduce the danger of fires within the home and surrounding properties. Use the online tool to determine how fire-safe your home is or one of their handy checklists to reduce the chance of fire.

My Child Safety

10This site covers all aspects of home safety for kids – including water, bike, bed, stranger and electrical safety. After providing tips on all of these areas and more, it also lists plenty of other resources you can go to if you need more information.