Safeguarding Your Home: Security Screens and Doors

The school holiday season approaches us, and with some relief, we can look forward to a few days spent amongst family and friends. Amid the chaos of our everyday lives, to spend a few days amidst the warm embrace of those closest to us is a welcome change of pace.

This is a long-awaited holiday for many of us honest citizens, but it is equally so for many an opportunistic burglar looking for a score. Because much of the neighbourhood will leave town over the break, homes lie empty. And, the chaos of leaving home with children and pets in tow can mean that many will ignore some key tenets of home protection.

Here at CommandeX, we provide premium security screens and security doors, to put the brakes on even the most determined break-in efforts. But, we figure, there is no sense in making things any easier for local thieves. So, as we approach this lovely time of year, we saw fit to remind you of a few basic tips to keep your home safe over the break.

Keep it Active

A dormant house serves as a far more inviting target than one with residents inside of it. It takes a far more brazen burglar to choose an occupied home to break in to. So when you leave, it pays to leave a few lights on, with the blinds drawn. One of our favourite tricks involves plugging a radio into a timer, to crank some sound and throw off anyone who might be listening for silence.

Trim it Back

If you have some foliage surrounding your home, you can improve the non-appeal of your home by trimming it back. Bushes large and thick enough to conceal a person can make it considerably easier for someone to ‘case’ your home, or test its defences.

Camera Work

Outdoor cameras are becoming more and more popular, as cameras have grown smaller and more manageable. Motion-activated cameras begin recording as soon as they detect movement in their field of vision. They can help identify would-be thieves, and they serve as a good deterrent, too.

Don’t Advertise

While it can be tempting to get excited about your travel plans, perhaps don’t trumpet it as loudly as you might otherwise. Word travels fast, so keep it under your lid.

Meet the Neighbours

Having a good local network around your home can pay huge dividends. If you have a trusted neighbour, especially one with sightlines to your home, confide in them. Ask them to collect your mail, or housesit for a few hours each day, and your odds of playing host to a burglary goes down considerably.

If even these measures are not enough to settle your mind, you might consider a set of premium security screens and doors, courtesy of your friends here at CommandeX. We provide security screens and security doors from Perth, to Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, and everywhere in between. From all of us, enjoy your holidays!